Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

What is the frequency that you use professional Carpet Cleaning North Shore? If you wish to prolong the carpet’s life expectancy, it is best that this service be used once a year. You can’t clean your carpet as often at home. Quality cleaning services will achieve the same results. They use high-quality products and employ proven methods to achieve effective results. This is the standard carpet cleaning procedure that many commercial carpet cleaners use when treating your carpet.


If you want to achieve quality results and visible results, pre-inspection is a must. First, the carpet cleaners inspect your carpet and take note of any stains or material. The carpet cleaning team will then choose the best method to clean it.


After the carpet is thoroughly inspected, it will be treated with a prespray agent. The pre-spray agent is used to get rid of soil from the carpet’s fibers. This advanced formulation is designed to remove dirt, oil and grease from the carpet. This allows them to be easily removed during cleaning.


You may have to pay extra for some services. This is a common optional step. If you have pets, deodorization is recommended. Antimicrobial soap is applied to your carpets in order to kill bacteria and remove odors.

Hot Water Extraction

Many professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction. This step usually takes place after pre-spray agent has fully settled into the carpet. This process removes any residues from the carpet, ensuring no particles remain. Your carpet will feel softened if you select quality services.

Other processes, such as dry cleaning and steam cleaning are also used by some carpet cleaning companies.


After the carpet is thoroughly cleaned it can be dried in high-tech drying rooms. Advanced cooling units are used to extract the moisture from carpet. Hi-speed fans also help. Sometimes, steam can also be used.

Once your carpet is dried it should be inspected once again. You can treat any stains that remain with the appropriate agents, until you are completely clean.

Carpet Protection

Many cleaning companies offer Capet protection as an optional service. It is recommended as it will reduce the frequency of cleaning your carpet and prolong its life. The spherical coating protects your carpet from stains while protecting the fibers.

Get professional carpet cleaning and make your carpet look brand new.

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