What a Grammar Tester can do to help you write grammar-perfect emails, letters and documents

Software for grammar checking has existed since a long time. The world’s best word processor has an integrated grammar checker. Why? You’re wrong too often!

If the top word processor is unable to provide reliable grammar checks, then what can we do?

How To Improve Your Grammar

1. Grab a Grammar Bible book and place it near your computer. You’ll improve your grammar by using the suggestions it contains.

2. Visit Grammar Girl’s site. The site provides many tips, and you can also listen to podcasts on your computer. You should definitely take a look at it as one of iTunes’ most-read books.

3. WhiteSmoke Software has a grammar tester. This grammar checker is different. WhiteSmoke in Israel is a company that has been solely focused on grammar software. This focus results in a grammar tool that actually makes the grade.

WhiteSmoke reviews around 1,000,000 sentences every month. The grammar checker is continuously updated to satisfy the needs of users. You can use the grammar checker as you write. The only problem is that it requires you to be online.

WhiteSmoke provides very precise grammar suggestions.

The obligatory spelling checker and Thesaurus are also part of the word processor.

WhiteSmoke is distinguished by what it calls “Text Enrichment”. This is a somewhat vague term. This means it will improve the text you type. This is an example of it:

WhiteSmoke was before me:
WhiteSmoke: There were significant problems after I had finished it
WhiteSmoke is not the only thing we need.
WhiteSmoke: It’s time to get on board!

You’d be amazed at the small things that can improve your writing. After applying the text enrichment my writing has become professional. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker is for you!

WhiteSmoke comes in several flavors. The basic version is for most people, while the other versions are designed to be used by business, legal, or creative writers.

These templates are specific to each category. Business version includes business tips and templates for writing business proposals, contracts, thank-you notes, and other useful information.

WhiteSmoke’s last feature is its compatibility with virtually every type of software where you can enter lots of text. You can have your writing checked for errors, regardless of the software used.

WhiteSmoke can be described as more than just grammar checking. I believe it is a grammar adviser and, for many of us, that’s an important thing to know when we’re writing.